Stacy’s Success Story
My name is Stacy. I am 26 years old and the mother of two handsome boys; Steven 5, who started kindergarten this fall and Preston 3, who attends Head Start preschool. I can say 100% that if I did not live in the House of Hope I would not be here to tell this story.

Just one year ago I was living on my own after twice putting my children’s father in jail for domestic abuse... read more.

Nikki’s Success Story
I began my stay at the House of Hope in 1999. I was eighteen at the time and my daughter Madison was just one year old. I stayed at the House of Hope for two years while I worked. Near the end of my time at the House of hope I enrolled full time at Hawkeye Community College. I left the House of Hope to move to an apartment on the University of Northern Iowa campus. After finishing my associated degree at Hawkeye, I transferred to the Social Work program at UNI. ... read more.

Anita's (Nikki) Success Story
On May 27, 2006 Anita (Nikki), a House of Hope graduate, wed William Butler in an evening ceremony at Pilgrims Rest Church. The young couple met through a friend who also attends Pilgrims Rest. Anita has been hired as a Teacher's Assistant by the Waterloo Schools. Her new husband, Will, has a degree in architecture and is employed with John Deere. They have a two year old son, Davion. Congratulations, Nikki and William and best Wishes.
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