Nikki's Success Story
I began my stay at the House of Hope in 1999. I was eighteen at the time and my daughter Madison was just one year old. I stayed at the House of Hope for two years while I worked. Near the end of my time at the House of hope I enrolled full time at Hawkeye Community College. I left the House of Hope to move to an apartment on the University of Northern Iowa campus. After finishing my associated degree at Hawkeye, I transferred to the Social Work program at UNI.

While at UNI I met my husband Randy. We had a son Noah in 2005. Now we live on the outskirts of waterloo and I am finishing up my last semester at UNI with an internship at the House of Hope. My husband is an accounting major graduating from Hawkeye this semester. Madison is in second grade and Noah celebrated his first birthday the 29th of March.

I am doing my internship in Social Work here at the House of hope because of the wonderful experience I had here when I was younger and in need of help getting to where I am today. The House of Hope helped me find my path in life and allowed me the time to get settled and financially stable before I had to face the world alone.

It holds a very special place in my heart and I appreciate that I have the opportunity to give back just a piece of what everyone here did for me.

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